GTF-AIML conference call for papers

General Co-Chairs

GFT-AIML'2022 brings together leading academic scientists, researchers, corporate and institutional delegates from environment international science community and decision-making institutions to interchange knowledge, to discuss and to disseminate new technologies on all aspects of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and approaches to computational intelligence and Data Sciences.

Pr. janusz KACPRZYK


Steering & International Advisory COMMITTEE

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Experts

Organising committee

- Soon

Publication Chairs

- Sandra Sendra, Spain
- Lorena Parra, Spain
- Oscar Romero, Spain
- Kayhan Ghafoor, China
- Jaime Lloret Mauri, Spain
- Yue Gao, UK
- Faiez gargouri, Tunis
- Mohamed Turki, Tunis
- Abdelkader Adla, Algeria

Registration Chairs

- Loubna Cherrat, Morocco

Web Chairs

- Doukali Fenni Mohammed Yassine
- Mohammed Redouane Taghouti

PhD Committee

- Doukali Fenni Mohammed Yassine
- Mohammed Redouane Taghouti
- Sarah Khrouch
- Marwa Zaryouli
- Maroi Tsouli Fathi
- Abderrahim El yessefi

TPC Chairs

- Pascal LORENZ, France - Puerto Molina, Spain
- Jaime Lloret Mauri, Spain
- Joel Rodrigues, Portugal
- Kaoutar ELHARI, Morocco
- Mohammed Bahaj, Morocco
- Abdel Ghani Laamyem, Morocco
- Khalid Zine-Dine, Morocco
- Ahmed Azouaoui, Morocco
- Philippe Roose, France
- Sadat Saleh Said , Djibouti
- Abdoulkader Ibrahim, Djibouti
- Ibrahim Abdi, Djibouti
- Souleiman Omar Hoch, Djibouti
- Hassan Ali Barkad, Djibouti

About GTF-AIML'2022

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